ultraDev is currently sold out. You can still preorder but I can't give a price or date when I can deliver...

If you want to preorder a ultraDev cartridge do can do it here...

The price is for what I can produce the cartridge. Unforunately I had to rise the prices. As you know global chip shortage makes everything more expensive.

You will get a fully build up and working cartridge for:

-,--€ Currently i have no price...That depends on how much i need to pay for the componets for the next batch.

The price is without shipping to your country.
I do not charge any addtional costs for shipping. Shipping costs are of course charged only once if you order more than one PCB.
Shipping costs for Germany are: 2,75 Euro (German post)
Inside the EU: 3,7 Euro(German post)
I'm not shipping outside of the EU I'm sorry.

Following is included:
-The cartrige
-Reset cable with 3 small connectors. This is needed to reset the Atari. To install the reset cable you need to do for your own (if you want works too without).

A USB-b cable is not included I guess you will have one for sure.
The cartridge will not have a case. This is too complicated for me and surely too expensive.

Before you order check again the supported plattforms:
Main plattform is Windows.
Binaries for Raspberry PI 3,Mac OSX, Linux (Ubuntu) are available in a beta state.
On M1 Macs the intel binary is used!

If you want to preorder a cartridge drop me a mail to ultrafex1@gmx.de.

What does preorder mean?
a) You are on my interessted ppl list. Currently I'm delivering the cartridges but it will need some time to get it.
b) I'll contact you when you are the next. If you don't want it no problem i'll jump to the next.
c) Cartridge count is limited if you preorder it can happen that you will be shifted to the next batch of PCBs.
d) You can give back ultraDev without any reason up to 4 weeks after buying. You will need to pay the shipping for the send back. After I received the the PCB I'll transfer the money for the ultraDev PCB without shipping costs. Requirement for a money back is of course the PCB is in a good condition and working.