Here you can find some detailed informations how to use the new hardware.
Currently not fully done yet...

Some quick jumps:
-> Steem and Api versions
-> Api source files
-> Example files

Steem and Api versions

I have decided to release Steem and the Api always in combination in one zip.

In the steem folder you will find a full Steem installation. The Steem version is preconfigured just depack for example on Desktop and start Steem.
There are two Steem Versions availble D3D (Direct3d) or DD (DirectDraw). For D3D you need a special D3D dll so far i remember.

The Steem version is far from beeing perfect. It was enough to emulate the demo ;)

ultraBooST Steem known problems
  • If you change the size of the Window sometimes the window content is strangely zoomed. I don't know why this happens. Just use in the window-menu "Normal Size" that mostly fixes the problem.
  • Snapshots aren't supported.
  • If you write to a screen which is currently displayed it can messup the display. Easy fix use double buffering ;)

The ultraBooST Steem version is a fork of Steem from 19th of april 2021 must be around 4.1.1 version of Steem.

Have a look to the api folder there you can find the 68k sources how to use the new hardware.

Steem and Api releases:
Version Date Link Description

0.5 22.08.22 Link First release

Api source files


Example files